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“There is a lot of class in this record, after the first listening it’s clear that the music eludes every possible categorisation, except that of Beauty” -

“It seems that Windisch is spearheading a very personal new Jazz stream, as shown by several new recordings released almost simultaneously in the last couple of years, and that feverish activity portrays the volcanic musical energy he is able to create, which is quite phenomenal (...) ” -

“I’m a fan already of this musical inversion and ambiguity, this meandering journey” - ukvibe

“Proof there's still plenty of innovation left out there” - Midwest Record

“Julius Windisch is certainly one of the bright young European musicians worth following closely” Adambaruch

“Der Pianist Julius Windisch hat (...) spannende und sehr farbenreiche Musik erarbeitet. Lyrische, fragile Stimmungen fügen sich mit kraftvoll-energetischen Passagen wunderbar zusammen”

“This is what I want. Thank you. (...) Please, never stop”
Django Bates, Bern, 2021 about the trio album “Pros and Cons”

“Either I am very wrong or Julius Windisch will be one of the names to follow”

“The music is original, intricate and engrossing. I’ll definitely watch their progress with interest” Londonjazznews

“Unpredictable and understated, The Windisch Quartett exhibit wildness and coolness in equal measures – but never strait-laced crotchets” Jazzjournal

“Intricate (...) on the one hand, melodic and fragile on the other (...). If you pay full attention to the CD (...) you will be rewarded” Concerto - 2020

“The musical interpretation is sensitive and tasteful. There is not much more to wish for. A strong debut of a talented”

“The flow is remarkable and the improvisation never gets dry and mechanical. (...) Look out for Julius Windisch, bandleader, composer and alchemist for the new century. Recommended” Devouringsoundsmag

“Windischs Meta-Musik (...) entwickelt aus ihrer Vagheit Poesie. Zudem überwältigen einen hier und da wuchtige, pulsierende Harmoniebögen und Klangräume von irisierender Schönheit, wie in den beiden Glanzstücken "Zulassen" und "Easter" Wienerzeitung

“Die Improvisationen erzeugen einen Flow, von dem nicht nur die Mitmusiker mitgerissen werden”
Film, Sound & Media Wien - 2020

“The nine compositions of the pianist reveal complex rhythmic and harmonic structures, that get amplified through free impro explorations. This allows the pieces to reveal all the potential of the instrumentalists”

“Chaos is well-arranged, very collective, coherent open jazz, which is easy to listen to. (...) Chaos lets us hope for a successful future for this group” Spontaneousmusictribune

“Die eindrückliche Performance und die ungewöhnlichen Kompositionen Julius Windischs machen Chaos zu einem mitunter dringlichen, insgesamt bemerkenswert souveränen Debütalbum” Norbert Krampf (freier Journalist, u.a. FAZ), 2020

But it was Windisch's piano playing that impressed the most. (...) not because it was technically brilliant, as to show how much he could, but because he commented and added elements to the vocals that were extremely original and fine”

“There's no good way to classify any of it, but that's precisely the point—jazz's familiar forms may serve as guideposts, but Windisch and crew are already looking past them into semi-abstract territory that doesn't really have a name or a map”

“In sum, the compositional aptitude of Julius Windisch paired with the musical agility of his band has assembled an inspired debut with a varied range of mood and great production quality”

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