Isolation Album 

This album was entirely composed & recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown March - May 2020.
Thanks to everyone who took their time to overdub songs of this album & thanks to Johannes Jakobi for letting me use your harmonium!

Julius Windisch - upright piano, prophet6, harmonium (Downesque), sruti box (Organpiece), composition, editing
Fabian Willmann - bassclarinet (Folksong23)
Felix Henkelhausen - electric bass (Mühe)
Max Santner - drums (Intercontinental, April 6th, Papas Bday)
Fabian Rösch - drums (Drückende Hitze)
Leif Berger - drums (Mühe, Improv)

All compositions by Julius Windisch
Mixed by Lukas Rutzen
Album Cover by Yi Ten Lai Fernández